Create your own spells with these bewitching cards of Celtic, tarot and magik symbolism. A lavish rose-gold gilt 40 card Magik Oracle. 


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Create your own spells with these bewitching cards of Celtic, tarot and magik symbolism. A lavish rose-gold gilt 40 card Magik Oracle. 

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What is Faerie Enchantments?

A magical system for creating personal enchantments, based on ancient Celtic magic

Over 30,000 uniquely created magic spells, using various natural and elemental essences,

magical ingredients and symbolism.

An Oracle deck of 40 large deluxe cards representing all the meanings of the Major Arcana

from Tarot tradition, along with elemental cards of earth, water, air, fire and spirit. Each card

measures 5 x 3.5 inches, printed on heavy 350gsm card stock, embellished with gilt rose-gold


A Wiccan codex for the creation and development for your own Book of Shadows, charms,

runes and enchantments, incorporating elements of Tarot and astrology.

40 bewitching paintings of Celtic Goddesses, Gods, Faeries and Enchanters, their particular magical energies, and how to harness those energies through enchantment and visualization


A lavish rose-gold gilt 40 card Magik Oracle Deck. These large cards are an oracle deck and a magical system for the creation of your own spells, runes and magik charms. Representing all the meanings of the Major Arcana from Tarot tradition, along with additional elemental cards.

Each card measures 5 x 3.5 inches, printed on heavy 350gsm card stock and embellished with gilt rose-gold edges.

The hand painted images featuring Faerie Enchanters from Celtic myth are also for use in visualization, as a means to connect with and summon the specific energy of the Faerie depicted.

The deck is presented in a luxurious black box with gilt rose-gold foil design on the lid and back


On the reverse of each card you will find an inventory of magical formula that can be employed in the creation of your own enchantments.

The information and symbolism listed will make up the elements of your personal magic spell, along with a Celtic Rune specific to each Faerie.

Usually the Enchantments use just 3 - 6 magikal ingredients. They can be as simple as designing a Rune and casting your spell at dusk to more detailed Enchantments such as making a wand from a particular tree with certain colours, feathers or gems. A poem. A dream-catcher of certain colours related to the spell.

From simple charms to things discovered or made such as a box with a particular animal image, particular gems or items. Or selecting a place, time and item from the Magik ingredients of the desired spell card combinations. Such as holding a silver ring in your hand besides a river at twilight while casting your enchantment.

The book will also reveal your own personal card combinations and enchantments derived from your astrological birth chart. These will be the spells that are most closely aligned to your astrological energy, and therefore those that you will have most power casting. This allows you to create your own unique Book of Shadows, containing enchantments that will be your most potent spells to cast for yourself or others.


Each of the Enchantment Cards relates to a position in the yearly cycle and is

also connected to the astrological signs of the Zodiac. The foundation of this

system lies in the alchemy of the four elements and is based on Druidic


You will also receive a 110 page book explaining the complete

process of creating and casting your unique enchantments. This includes a step by step guide, use of gemstones, affirmations, animal and plant symbolism along with instructions to use the cards as an oracle for divination and how to create magic amulets.

Each Enchantment Card states the particular three-fold process of

the magic energy that relates to it, drawn from its astrological position. These

process words are connected in a three card spread in order to create a unique

enchantment. A list of magical elements are then revealed, to be blended and

employed as the ingredients for casting your enchantment.

These magical elements are defined by Celtic symbolism in Faerie tales, the etymology of Celtic root-words, studies in mythology and related meanings in both astrology and the Tarot. These elements include animals, plants, gemstones, birds, objects, sacred places and the most effective times to cast your spell.

This magical system is a source for over 30,000 spells, whether enchantments for love, health, inspiration, peace, abundance or protection to name just a few.

At the centre of the Faerie Enchantment cards system is the concept of the Spirit

of Awen. This card represents the essence of spiritual inspiration, and the pure

life energy that balances all the elements. The fundamental belief of Celtic spirituality is the understanding that nature is not merely inert  matter, but is a luminous interwoven

dimension of spirits, soul-memory and magical inspiration.

This magical inspiration is refered to as 'Awen' in Druidic belief and practices. The feminine noun, Awen, has been variously translated as 'inspiration', 'muse', 'genius', or

'poetic rapture'. According to a 19th century Welsh dictionary, the word itself is formed by combining the two words, aw, meaning 'a fluid, a

flowing', and en, meaning 'a living principle, a being, a spirit, essential'. So Awen may be described as 'a fluid essence', or 'flowing spirit'. This flowing spirit is divine in nature, it is an essence both within us and outside of us. Awen is an enchantment from the 'Otherworld', taking many forms, from the beautiful, bewitching music of the Faerie harp to the of magical essence of enchantments and spells.

Celtic Mythology

Each of the Faerie Enchantments Cards depicts a God, Goddess, Faerie Queen, King or Enchanter from Celtic Mythology. These represent all the Major Arcana cards from the tarot along with the elemental suits in their four-fold process of Essence, Conception, Equilibrium and Manifestation into the physical world.




Among the Brythonic Celts were certain soothsayers named 'Awenyddion', they were oracles and spellbinders, who were entranced by the Spirit of Awen. When consulted with problem or question they would go into a trance as if possessed. They did not answer the question in any logical way - words would stream from their mouths incoherently and apparently without any sense at all, but with such poetic beauty that a deep understanding was captured. Through this seeming random flowing of poetic spirit great knowledge was received. 

 I have mirrored this unique aspect of Celtic spirituality within the Enchantment Cards, where words and symbols are connected and flow together as a poetic alchemy, speaking directly to our subconcious and blending our will into Awen, which is  contained within all life around us.

Magic is the science and art of causing effect to occur in conformity with our will. This 'Will' has to be focused and expressed creatively, through images, symbols, ritual, art poetry, music or anything creative that connects us to the flow of Awen. The Faerie Enchantment cards are

designed with these ideas in mind.

Oracle Cards

Much in the way that Celtic people would consult the 'Awenyddion' the cards can be

used as an oracle. The instructions include a card spread that will reveal answers to

specific questions, similar to tarot cards. The spread will also reveal an enchantment that

can be created to help answer the question or solve the issue, such as to 'Banish negative

energy' or 'Find emotional peace'.

Magikal Charms

Faerie Enchantments can also be used as a process for creating your own magikal charms, enchanted items, wands, totems, talismans and runes. Full instructions are included in the instruction book.